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1975 Porsche 914 2.0 liter

1975 Porsche 914 2.0 liter

Up for sale is a ’75 914 that has spent the last 20 years driving on the twisty, salt free roads of the Southeast. The 2.0-liter engine runs great and pulls extremely well. Strong and even compression numbers are listed below. A pair of Weber 40 IDF carburetors and a free flow exhaust let it breath a little easier while giving it a nice throaty tone to boot. The original sideshift 901 transmission shifts well through all 5 speeds plus reverse with no grinding or sliding out of gear.  Rockers, hell hole under the battery tray, the firewall and shock mounts are all solid and rust free. The only bit of rust is in the floorboard under the driver’s seat. See pictures. Originally an A/C equipped car, the condenser is still mounted in the front trunk however the rest of the system has been removed.

This 914 was originally painted Berber Yellow (paint code L11D) but was repainted a slightly darker shade by the previous owner. While there are some dirt spots in the paint here and there, it shines nicely. Front and rear sway bars help it handle like it’s on rails and the 914 Fuchs wheels look great and are straight. The spare tire wheel has a crack in it and is included for originality but should not be used.

The bumpers, top and interior are in good shape. The original carpet set has some wear but no holes. The dashboard has some normal cracking and there are two small cracks in the lower seat bolsters but otherwise they are in great shape. An Alpine CD player has been added and sounds good mated to newer speakers in the kick panels.  The original 914 steering wheel is in great shape as are all of the gauges (all working).  The odometer functions properly and reads 20,071 but I cannot confirm whether or not it has rolled over. All lights function as they should.  All of the glass is in good shape with only a small pea sized chip in the windshield near the driver’s side wiper.

All in all this is a great driver that you can hop in and hit the road. Take it on a vintage rally, out to your favorite bit of curves or pop the top and make a run to town. You’ll get some approving looks and have a blast while you’re at it.

Feel free to email with questions or to set up a time to view the 914. The car is located in Athens, GA.

-2.0-liter  four cylinder Compression

Cyl 1 – 110psi

Cyl 2 – 108psi

Cyl 3 – 110psi

Cyl 4 – 109psi

-Dual Weber 40 IDF Carburetors

-Free flow exhaust with stainless steel heat exchangers

-Front and rear sway bars

-Fuchs Alloy Wheels

-4 wheel disc brakes (work great)

-Alpine CD Stereo

-Optima battery

-Removable hardtop

-Clear Alabama title


Buy them up now: 1972 BMW 2002 in Nashville, TN

Here’s a pretty original looking ’72 2002 in Nashville. The current owner claims that the car was originally from California and has spent the last 13 years in Tennessee. The paint looks a little tired but short of some rust in the spare tire well the rest is said to be sound. The asking but negotiable price of $6250 is probably a realistic value but don’t look for these to get any cheaper. Original roundie 02’s will be the next ones to jump up in value as the Turbos and fuel injected Tii’s have done in recent years. Find this one in Craigslist above with a ’71 parts car included.

2010 BMW 335i Coupe

Up for sale on the e90 Forum is a very clean 2010 335i Coupe. Titanium Silver with Black Leather interior and Dark Burl Walnut trim. Sport and Premium packages feature Automatic transmission with paddle shifters, 18″ Star Spoke alloy wheels, sunroof, Bluetooth, iPod/iPhone integration and Satellite Radio. 75,300 mostly highway miles. All service is up to date and been maintained at the correct intervals. Excellent condition inside and out and runs perfectly. Tires have plenty of life in them. Clean CarFax report. $23,000 0b0

New like ’72! One of our own 914’s is up for sale

Up for sale is our ’72 914. This is my wife’s car and was purchased in Knoxville, TN where it spent most of its life. The last four years that we’ve had it has seen extensive mechanical and cosmetic refurbishment work.

The body is in great shape with no structural rust anywhere. The hell-hole is spotless as is the bottom of the firewall. The rear trunk is solid as are the floor pans and rockers. This car was originally an A/C delete car so the front trunk pan is still intact and rust free. The original color was Saturn Yellow but it was painted Viola Pearl (a very dark purple) by the previous owner. Paint is good with a nice shine but there are some scratches and slight wear in places. The original Targa top is also in great shape.

The interior has received an extensive refurbishment to original spec with clean door cards, dash face and original seats with no tears. The upper dash pad is cracked which was pretty common so it wears a cover that fits nicely. A new carpet kit was installed to finish the stock look. All interior and exterior lights function properly.

The original 1.7liter engine was swapped for a 1.8 liter that has had a recent service including a top-end rebuild with new rings and seals, a valve adjustment and oil change. A pair of Weber 44 IDF carburetors complete with velocity stacks has replaced the original fuel injection system and stainless steel heat exchangers are mated to a free flow muffler to help it breath easier.

The original tail-shift 901 transmission was also cleaned and resealed.

This 914 wears a set of period alloys with brand new Bridgestone Potenza 195/65 R15 tires.

The odometer shows 97,834 miles but I can’t attest to if it has rolled over or not. The engine has approximately 20k miles on it.

This cars runs and drives great and would be perfect for a spring trip to the mountains or your favorite section of twisty road. Feel free to email with any questions or to set up a time to see it. The car is in Athens, GA.

Don’t call it a German Chevy…..’68 Opel Kadett in Alabama

Here’s one that you don’t see everyday. Found on Craigslist in Gadsden, Alabama is a 1968 Opel Kadett that looks to be in nice shape. The Kadett provided the drivetrain and underpinnings for the GT which was much more common on our shores as they were sold through Buick dealerships. These are fun, reliable cars with solid build quality. Find it above for $2800.

New like ’72: A very clean BMW Bavaria

Here’s a nice looking Bavaira in Bellevue, Washington just outside Seattle. The seller claims that it has a 5-speed transmission which would not be original to this car but it may have one from a newer 5-series. Keep an eye on BMW e3’s and e9’s as non rusty examples aren’t going to get any cheaper. These feature either the 2.8 or 3.0 liter straight six which make them fantastic Autobahn cruisers. Find it above on Craigslist for a negotiable $5,000.


Early SLC in Athens, GA: 1973 Mercedes-Benz 450

See eBay listing here

On eBay in Athens, GA this Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC ticks all the right boxes. Seventy-three marked the last year of import for the smaller and much better looking Euro bumpers. Add that to a massive for it’s day 4.5 liter V8 and what we think is the best looking of the W107 body styles and you’ve got a real grand tourer. With the windows down the B-pillarless design looks great and is similar to its main competition of the era, the e9, BMW CS and CSi. This car spent its life in the South where corrosion is minimal and it shows as there’s no rust to speak of. We’ve seen this car in person and the Feuerrot-red paint is old with some cracking but it still shines. This would make a fantastic vintage rally car. Add some period Bosch driving lights, a blacked-out hood and a 500 rear fin and you’ll look as though you just came out of the East-African rally. Find it above on eBay with a no-reserve starting price of $2,500.

Porsche 914-6 Rally Recreation in Nevada

Well, its for sale folks!! The VintageWerkes first saw this radical rally 914 in Monterey, California at Laguna Seca in 2010. The owner took a run-of-the-mill 1970 1.7l 914-4 and transformed it into a fire breathing 914-6 stripped down and then built back as a rally car that could probably tackle the Dakar. A 2.8 liter twin plug 911 motor is mated to a 915 gear box and all the rally garb you could imagine has been added. Now get this….with everything blazing you’ll have 14 lights shinning on the front of this thing (we hope the alternator has been upgraded) so the road should be pretty clear ahead. Couple that with a full roll cage, period rally gauges and a Red Stripe beer paint scheme and this would be a blast at any vintage rally event. Find it above on The Samba for a steep $55k. Do it yourself though and we’re sure you’d have more in it than that.

’86 VW Westy Syncro in Florida

The Vanagon Syncro is a rare breed. Volkswagen’s viscous coupling AWD system was mated to the T25 Vanagon in 1985 and the result was (if you can believe it) a slower, heavier Vanagon! The off road capabilities though were impressive and they’ve since become sought after with prices soaring to stratospheric (for a VW) levels. The cream of the crop in 1986 was to buy a Vanagon Syncro decked out in Westfalia Camper trim. This Westy Syncro is for sale on The Samba in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. The seller claims that is has a mere 98k miles on the original engine. It has had a recent respray in the stock gold/brown color and many new interior parts added. The asking price of $25k is fair for this Camper with several trading north of $40k out West. Snatch this one up and head out for an adventure!

Cousin to the 914: ’74 VW Type IV in Texas

In the late 60’s Volkswagen was putting the finishing touches on the follow up to the Type 3 or Fastback, Squareback and Notchback series. The Type 4 had a flat four similar to that of the previous generation but it was a bit larger at 1.7 liters and featured Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injection.

At the same time Heinz Nordhoff, who was at the helm of VW, wanted a replacement for the Karmann Ghia and Ferdinand Piëch at Porsche wanted a less expensive replacement for the 912. The result was the 914 which would be sold jointly by the two companies. The Porsche version would carry a 2.0 liter flat six and the VW version would use the 1.7 liter four from the Type 4. Unfortunately Nordhoff passed away in 1968 before the first 914 hit the road. Kurt Lotz was his replacement at Volkswagen but without a personal relationship with the Porsche family the deal soon fell apart. Lotz drove VW to front engined, water-cooled cars and the VW 914 was doomed.

This Type IV 412 was the last year of the breed and is on The Samba in Lewisville, Texas for a very reasonable $2500. It shows some wear and the seller claims that a faulty fuel pump is keeping it from running. All else looks very honest with this car and it may even still wear its original gold paint job. The plethora of 914 engine parts available mean that you could really make this a sleeper.