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1968 BMW 1600

This 1600 was purchased from the original owner who took delivery of the car in Massachusetts in the fall of 1968. The original 1.6l engine was swapped to a 2.0l unit from a ’74 2002 in the late 90’s with the rest of the car remaining completely stock. We like the low-back seats, euro indicators and lack of federally mandated reflectors and trim that these early cars feature. So far we’ve done brake and cooling system work as we get her ready to be back on the road. Next up will be rust repair, tuning, exhaust and a pair of sidedraft Webers to let her breath a bit easier.

1972 Porsche 914

This is our ’72 Porsche 914. It has been in the family since 2007 and has received several upgrades along the way. The stock 1.7 liter engine has been bored to 2.0 liters and received a mild cam. We replaced the original fuel injection with dual Weber carburetors and a Borla free flow exhaust was added. The original 901 tail shift transmission was swapped for a newer side shift unit and suspension and tire upgrades were made. We’ve left the paint and body work original as it shows a nice bit of patina from its time in Arizona, Texas and Oklahoma with previous owners. The result is a lightweight, fast and fantastic handling car that has been used in several road rallies and even landed on the top step of the podium in 2012.