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1964 Vespa VBB in Newnan, GA


To go along with the Lambretta from yesterday here is a ’64 Vespa VBB that’s a little less expensive. The seller claims to have installed a new engine, transmission, rear hub and electronics and the rest of the bike looks clean. You’d be hard pressed to do the same work on this scooter for less than the $2300 asking price. Check this one out in Newnan, GA on Craigslist.

1963 Lambretta LI125 in Birmingham, Alabama


Here is a really nice looking Lambretta scooter found on Craigslist in Birmingham. The seller claims to have upped the original 125cc to a 150cc for a bit more umph. We love the spare tire placement and the two tone paint screams Italian style. $3600 is the asking price which isn’t crazy for one of these. The sale comes with two helmets so grab a pair of Ray Bans and someone you wouldn’t mind on the back and hit the road to the nearest cafĂ©.