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Homologation Special: 1979 Mercedes 450 SLC 5.0 in Newnan, GA

Found here on Craigslist

This 1979 Mercedes Benz 450SLC 5.0 is a rare beast on these shores. It was built to homologate the SLC for the FIA World Rally Championship and featured an all aluminum 5.0liter V8 along with an aluminum hood and trunk. Production of these special edition cars ran from 1977 through to 1981 with roughly 2700 being produced. This particular model is shown to be the 1477th of the run. The owner claims that it was originally painted Champagne Metallic but it now wears an Astral Silver paint job which is correct to the period. The original “gas-burner” wheels come with it as do a set of Ronals which look particularly good on the C107 chassis. There aren’t any pictures of the front provided but we hope that it retained the larger Euro-spec headlights which also complement this body well. The seller claims that it needs some TLC but that you can drive it home.

Find it above on Craigslist in Newnan, Georgia with a modest asking price of $4999.

Early SLC in Athens, GA: 1973 Mercedes-Benz 450

See eBay listing here

On eBay in Athens, GA this Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC ticks all the right boxes. Seventy-three marked the last year of import for the smaller and much better looking Euro bumpers. Add that to a massive for it’s day 4.5 liter V8 and what we think is the best looking of the W107 body styles and you’ve got a real grand tourer. With the windows down the B-pillarless design looks great and is similar to its main competition of the era, the e9, BMW CS and CSi. This car spent its life in the South where corrosion is minimal and it shows as there’s no rust to speak of. We’ve seen this car in person and the Feuerrot-red paint is old with some cracking but it still shines. This would make a fantastic vintage rally car. Add some period Bosch driving lights, a blacked-out hood and a 500 rear fin and you’ll look as though you just came out of the East-African rally. Find it above on eBay with a no-reserve starting price of $2,500.

Only in the South: Chevy Powered Mercedes Dragster


Just when we thought we’d seen it all this big-block Mercedes dragster comes along and trumps the Coffin Hot Rod from the previous post. This Mercedes started life as a humble early 80’s coupe but the owner had plans……. A Ford 9″ rear end and Chevy Big Block V8 give this Merc its grunt. Outrageous rear wing and wheelie bar attempt to keep it on the drag strip. We can’t imagine the time put into something like this or for that matter why that time was put in but we’re sure it was a labor of love. One thing is for sure, you’d be the only person at the Saturday night drag races in a Mercedes! Find this one just outside Atlanta on Craigslist.

1968 Mercedes Pagoda 280SL

This ’68 Mercedes was for sale in Birmingham, AL with the Craigslist ad just expiring yesterday. The post was not deleted though so the car may still be for sale. If so, at $37,500 it may not be a bad deal for a Pagoda that is said to have $60,000 invested in its restoration. The car is said to have been sitting for a couple years which is evident by the layer of dust on it. Add that to the fact that it won’t start and you may be able to negotiate on it a bit. The original CL post is below.

“Beautiful 1968 280 sl Mercedes. Off white with blue interior and blue hard top. Over 60 thousand has been spent on the restoration of this car. New brakes,shocks,exhaust and all components under the hood with the exception of the block. The car has been sitting for approximately 2 years and at current is not running. Sould be running just fine after the fuel system is cleaned out. Please call Clay at 205-266-1368. I will not answer texts or emails. Pictures to follow soon.”

1966 Mercedes 250S


This is a nice looking w109 found on Atlanta Craigslist. We like the bullet proof straight sixes and low seat backs on these pre-’67 cars. The floor shifter is a nice option and the undercarriage looks clean. $4900