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Old-school project: 1930’s DKW Barnfind


We found this DKW project on Atlanta’s Craigslist. The owner claims that the original frame was converted to a soft-tail in the 50’s and that there are two engines included in the sale. There aren’t any pictures in the listing nor is there a price but if we get a reply we’ll post up what we get. Plan on this one being a full project as it hasn’t run since the early 60’s. The picture above is what they looked like new.

1962 Auto Union 1000 in Tennesee


Since we already came across an NSU this week we thought we’d throw in an Auto Union that was developed from a DKW to complete the Audi family. This ’62 Auto Union 1000 is an evolution of the DKW 3=6 (not the best of names unless they’re trying to trick us into thinking everything is twice as good!) Originally it used a 981cc two stroke engine that powered the front wheels with a blistering 50bhp and coaxed it to a top speed of 80mph. Zero to 100kph took a whopping 23 seconds so this probably had trouble getting out of its own way. The original engine from this 1000 is long gone but the body, glass and interior remain. With an asking price of $500 you could afford to drop in pretty much any power plant and bank on increasing the performance. Don’t look to make this a super car but you’ll get the looks if you can get it back on the road. Find it on Craigslist in Winchester, TN.