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American Made 1992 Basso Laguna


Here’s an interesting one from a shop called Vintage-Steel out of Germany. Its a ’92 Basso Laguna which was their first monocoque carbon frame but it was built in Van Buren, Maine by Aegis. This frame wears a Dura Ace 7400 groupo and all looks to be in nice shape. Check out www.steel-vintage.com for a wide array of cool old bikes.

1989 Coors Light Team Edition Lemond


Here is a fully specced 56cm Coors Light Team Edition Lemond found on eBay. For the ’89 season Greg Lemond ride for the ADR Team while in Europe where he won his second Tour de France by an amazing 8 seconds. Back in the US though he raced for the Silver Bullet and here’s the ride to prove it. This Columbus TSX frameset is wearing a period correct full Campagnolo C-Record groupo. The Delta brakes are a work of art which is nice considering they don’t function too well as brakes. You will certainly stand out at the next group ride with this.