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Michelle Mouton Edition Audi 4000CS in Portland


White Ronal wheels, red leather interior and color matched bumper set this Special Edition Audi 4000cs Quattro apart from your run-of-the-mill 4000 from 1986. Built to commemorate the rally success of French star Michelle Mouton, this Quattro seems to be pretty original and is being sold on Portland’s Craigslist with a reasonable asking price of $4250. A few other blogs have run this car too so snatch it up quick.

Another ’87 Audi GT in North Carolina


This is an interesting one that has us a bit stumped. As we’ve seen with the last post Audi GT’s aren’t that uncommon, especially in North Carolina for some reason. This 1987 GT has the earlier non-body painted bumpers and sports some very cool 80’s five-ring graphics. What has us puzzled on this one is the all digital instrument panel (see pictures in the post). As there aren’t any wheel flares we don’t surmise this to be an UR-Quattro but without seeing the backend its hard to be sure. The seller claims that its one of three imported for “rally races”. We don’t buy the import figures but every other 80’s Audi that we’ve come across uses standard VDO analog gauges. The engine may need a rebuild soon but for $1500 it may be worth a look. Find it above on Craigslist in Havelock, NC

1987.5 Audi GT


We came across this Audi GT in Black Mountain, North Carolina. While the GT isn’t as desirable as it’s UR-Quattro sibling it none the less looks the part, especially with the latter euro bumpers that this wears. The interior looks near perfect as does the paint and trim. There isn’t a very long description but if you’re in the general vicinity it’d be worth a look. Find it above on Craigslist with an asking price of $4500.

1962 Auto Union 1000 in Tennesee


Since we already came across an NSU this week we thought we’d throw in an Auto Union that was developed from a DKW to complete the Audi family. This ’62 Auto Union 1000 is an evolution of the DKW 3=6 (not the best of names unless they’re trying to trick us into thinking everything is twice as good!) Originally it used a 981cc two stroke engine that powered the front wheels with a blistering 50bhp and coaxed it to a top speed of 80mph. Zero to 100kph took a whopping 23 seconds so this probably had trouble getting out of its own way. The original engine from this 1000 is long gone but the body, glass and interior remain. With an asking price of $500 you could afford to drop in pretty much any power plant and bank on increasing the performance. Don’t look to make this a super car but you’ll get the looks if you can get it back on the road. Find it on Craigslist in Winchester, TN.

1970 NSU 1200 – Strange Car of the Week


This is rare to see on our shores but up in the hills of North Carolina we’ve come across this 1970 NSU 1200. 1970 marks the first full year after NSU was taken over by Volkswagen and folded in with DKW and Auto Union to produce Audi. The 1200 was a rebranded Type 110 and shared much of the same mechanicals. The 1177cc air-cooled straight four cylinder engine boasts 54hp and is mounted transversely in the rear. We doubt that the stinger style tailpipes are stock but without bumpers we see rally potential all over this one. Find it on Craigslist in Hickory, NC having just been reduced from $2500 to $2000.