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Another Grey Market ’85 BMW e30

This time we’ve dug up a 320i in Charlotte, NC. This 1985 Grey Market e30 is a 4-door and has a bit more grunt than the 316 that we featured earlier today. The original 2.0l four that this car would have had has been replaced with an M50 straight six from a ’92 e30 and extensive work has been done to the suspension. The plaid interior, vintage BBS’s and manual transmission make this much more desirable in our book. Find it on Craigslist with an asking price of $8000.

Grey Market ’85 BMW e30 in Augusta, GA


We always keep an eye out for grey market cars from the late 70’s into the 80’s. The bumper laws in the US at the time made many European cars look as though they had diving boards at the front and rear and emission laws resulted in lower compression and horsepower power plants. Here we’ve found a 1985 BMW e30 316 which was never officially imported Stateside. The 1.6l engine is carbureted and the engine bay looks remarkably like a 2002. While this is an automatic we love the small bumpers, cloth seats and steelies that make this car stand out from the more common 325’s of the period. Find this one on Craigslist on Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA for $3,000.