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1968 Mercedes Pagoda 280SL

This ’68 Mercedes was for sale in Birmingham, AL with the Craigslist ad just expiring yesterday. The post was not deleted though so the car may still be for sale. If so, at $37,500 it may not be a bad deal for a Pagoda that is said to have $60,000 invested in its restoration. The car is said to have been sitting for a couple years which is evident by the layer of dust on it. Add that to the fact that it won’t start and you may be able to negotiate on it a bit. The original CL post is below.

“Beautiful 1968 280 sl Mercedes. Off white with blue interior and blue hard top. Over 60 thousand has been spent on the restoration of this car. New brakes,shocks,exhaust and all components under the hood with the exception of the block. The car has been sitting for approximately 2 years and at current is not running. Sould be running just fine after the fuel system is cleaned out. Please call Clay at 205-266-1368. I will not answer texts or emails. Pictures to follow soon.”

1968 BMW 1600

This 1600 was purchased from the original owner who took delivery of the car in Massachusetts in the fall of 1968. The original 1.6l engine was swapped to a 2.0l unit from a ’74 2002 in the late 90’s with the rest of the car remaining completely stock. We like the low-back seats, euro indicators and lack of federally mandated reflectors and trim that these early cars feature. So far we’ve done brake and cooling system work as we get her ready to be back on the road. Next up will be rust repair, tuning, exhaust and a pair of sidedraft Webers to let her breath a bit easier.