American Made 1992 Basso Laguna

Here’s an interesting one from a shop called Vintage-Steel out of Germany. Its a ’92 Basso Laguna which was their first monocoque carbon frame but it was built in Van Buren, Maine by Aegis. This frame wears a Dura Ace 7400 groupo and all looks to be in nice shape. Check out for a wide array of cool old bikes.

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  1. Hello Vintage Werkes
    I bought this bike, the frame required some restoration and a few parts changed.
    Just wondering about the history side, I only know the fact it was the first Basso carbon. Do you have any threads of info to view??


  2. Hi TP,

    Glad you picked up the Basso, it looked like an interesting find. This was not one of our frames for sale but just something rare that we wanted to share with our followers. The only thing that I know about those Basso carbon frames is that they were built in the Northeastern United States by Aegis. Aegis built some of the first Trek OCLV frames and their background was in making tennis racquets for Rossignol in the mid-70’s. Aegis went on to produce their own branded carbon bike frames through the 90’s but I don’t believe that they are still in business.

    Its always fun to find one a re-branded euro frame from the late 80’s and early 90’s so we hope you enjoy the Basso.

    Thanks for the note.

    Brian Kee
    Vintage Werkes