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Welcome to the Vintage Werkes

VintageWerkes.com is a vintage car, motorcycle and bicycle post consortium where users from all over the web can post items for sale that they own or have found.

Have you ever spent an afternoon searching Craigslist, Ebay or the local classifieds looking for your next vintage ride? We certainly have, and often what we are looking for is closer than we expect. VintageWerkes.com uses the power of the masses to help sift through a sea of online ads. We offer a free format where visitors can post antique and collectible transportation related projects, drivers, barn finds and memorabilia. The goal is to help buyers and sellers more easily connect across different formats.

At the Vintage Werkes garage we pride ourselves on rescuing forgotten items and getting them back out in the world to be enjoyed. Do you have an old motorcycle sitting in the garage collecting dust, do you know of an old car for sale down the street, or did you come across an interesting ad for an old bike? If so, post it on the site and share it. You’re already hunting for these items, so why not let others help in your search?

Thanks for looking and be sure to check back often.

The Vintage Werkes

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